Accessing deprecated ops

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I was thinking of developing an op similar to clmtracker I found that it already exists but it is deprecated. If nothing else id like to check out how its made or tinker with it to make it work. Is there a way to access ops even if they are deprecated, knowing the “risk” involved?

it does not work with my face :slight_smile: i think it discriminates against beards. :slight_smile:

open devtools and change to the right frame (editorIframe)
and use this: CABLES.UI.userSettings.set("showOldOps",true)

it is annoying, disable it via CABLES.UI.userSettings.set("showOldOps",false)

@stephan you implemented another library, right ? i already forgot

i started implementing the jeeliz face and pupiltracking, but something was broken there so it never made it’s way live. have to check again…