3D Model import

I have been trying to replicate and extend my sketchfab based 3d product element on my website :

I tried downloading the export and uploading > importing the FBX into cables. I have success in seeing some of the individual geometry elements using the https://cables.gl/op/Ops.Json3d.Json3dMesh node, and they show up as i switch the mesh index as grey unlit/unshaded geometry.

However, when I tried to import the FBX JSON scene with the full model a huge complex network is generated in my patch, and nothing is visible in the viewport. I tried adding transform and scale nodes above the sequencer trigger at the top of the hirarchy just before the main loop trigger to see if it might be too small/large or shifted out of view, but I had no luck.

I wanted to ask how I might go about the full scene/model import, as well as suggest a tutorial, or series of tutorials for working with FBX as I see this being a rather powerful and useful feature for practical webGL usage. I have checked out the Nike shoe, and a sketchfab helicopter patch in the repository list, and they are fantastic examples of what I want to achieve, but haven’t helped in figuring out what I may be doing wrong. I might suggest using them as the basis for the tutorials.

I also have some simple ideas for streamlining this workflow, I will post those in a separate thread in the relevant forum area soon.


can you try to add a scale of 0.01 before ? the scaling is often way off…
try to add a clearcolor before the scene, so you see if its only drawing black stuff…

json3dscene2 should work better, this will be the next version for loading scenes, i am working on this right now…

btw i love your sketchfab version of this. can i play with your model ? if yes, send it to me on slack, would love to :slight_smile:

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sent, also I think you can download it on the sketchfab page, there is also another format aside from the FBX on there I hadn’t used before, but Ive no idea if its of any use

We just published a tutorial video about importing 3d files: